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Defensive Driving Tips From an Orlando Motorcycle Accident Attorney

We see quite a few people who’ve been involved in Florida motorcycle crashes, and most of the time the accidents are not the motorcyclist’s fault. The complaints we hear from motorcyclists commonly pertain to the poor driving habits of others on the road, and oftentimes motorcyclists have to dodge cars simply because other drivers do not see motorcycles as easily as they do larger vehicles. Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Orlando are drivers’ failure to yield to motorcyclists at turns or when changing lanes, and rear-end collisions.

As you zip around the streets of Florida on your motorcycle, here are a few defensive-driving measures you can take to help prevent a collision with another vehicle:

  • Avoid distraction. Many people feel safe in their cars and get distracted easily. If you are also distracted, perhaps because you are talking on your cell phone, you run the risk of missing that split second in which a driver changes lanes and crashes into you. Stay alert, even if other drivers are not, so that you can avoid an accident.
  • Check behind you frequently. On long stretches of road, it’s normal to stare straight ahead, but it’s important to continuously check behind you for traffic. If a driver approaches you from behind who is distracted or cannot see very well, it’s a good idea to change lanes if possible or flash your brake lights so they have a visual cue to look your way.
  • Think at least one step ahead. Always leave yourself a way to get out if you need one, whether it’s on the shoulder of the road or in another lane. It’s important to know how to react and where you can turn if anything suddenly goes wrong.

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