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Jennifer Martinez-Gibson
Director of Operations
Michael T. Gibson, P.A.
2420 S. Lakemont Avenue
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Orlando, FL 32814
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Jennifer grew up in the Florida Keys. She spent her childhood years as a child actress and dancer onSabado Gigante, Jennifer Te Lo Explica, Belle Sing Me a Story,and even appeared in many print jobs. Jennifer later moved with her family to Celebration, Florida where she completed high school and then attended the University of Central Florida. While at UCF, Jennifer decided to commit her life to serving others and graduated with a degree in Political Science-Prelaw, with a minor in Women Studies and Sociology.

After graduation, Jennifer worked at a large Central Florida law firm for five years where she met Mike Gibson. Their courtship was much like a scene from a movie with a very happy-ending. The two are happily married and enjoy life with their son, Brady, daughter Emory and their extended family at Michael T. Gibson, PA.

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