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Florida State Rep who was Insurance ‘Do Boy’ for New PIP law faces warranted opposition

I am going to hold back no punches here. I am not a real big fan of Florida State Representative Jim Boyd.

First off, aside from our current Governor, I can think of no other State Politican who is pushing legislation that favors his own industry and business more than Rep. Boyd. Take the New Florida PIP law which is taking effect. Boyd was the lead sponsor and champion of what Gov. Scott and the insurance industry wished for in the bill. As an advocate for consumers, I can tell you first-hand, Rep Boyd did not have an “open door” policy to listen to both sides of this debate. Furthermore, there is an email trail that insurance lobbyists are almost always drafting his pro-insurance bills.

Rep. Boyd was wrong on PIP. Here is a letter from another State Representative explaining and detailing all the reasons why.

What will be the result of Rep. Boyd’s loyalty to the insurance industry? Higher insurance premiums and less coverage for you and me.

Sounds like it is time for a change.

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