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Facts on Reaching a Settlement in a Car Accident Case

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Car Accident Case Settlement

My car accident book shares my knowledge of how to get a settlement for a car accident that I’ve accumulated as a personal injury attorney in Orlando, FL.

In my years of practice, I’ve seen dozens of personal injury cases and achieved settlements totaling more than ten million dollars. I’ve battled the big insurance companies, helped families seek justice against negligent drivers, and learned the Florida negligence laws inside and out. I’m pleased to share that information with my clients in my car accident book –for FREE!

Why You Need to Read My Car Accident Book

In an interview with, State Farm spokesman Dick Luedke stated, “If we just take collisions, the average State Farm policy holder has a collision claim once every 19 years.” There are handfuls of statistics out there claiming that pretty much everyone in the U.S. will either be involved in a car accident or be closely related to someone injured in a crash during his or her lifetime.

With car accidents being so common, we should all be experts on how to get a settlement after a car accident, but most are not. The process of pursuing a car accident injury claim is not something we’re born knowing. As a personal injury attorney in Orlando, I had to work and study for years to gain the knowledge of car accident claims that I have today.

I don’t expect the average car accident victim to know all there is to know about how to file for damages, pursue a claim, and how to get a settlement after a car accident. Furthermore, the insurance companies rely on an accident victim’s ignorance of their right to a fair settlement in order to lowball their offer, or even deny the claim.

What You’ll Learn in My Florida Car Accident Book

The last thing I want to see is innocent auto accident victims taken advantage of by the insurance companies. I’ve dedicated my legal practice to helping victims and families who have lost a loved one because of the negligence of another driver.

My eBook,Your Complete Guide to Florida Auto Accident Claimscovers the important topics like:

  • how to get your property damage claim resolved;
  • what you are entitled to for property damage compensation;
  • how medical bills for accident care and treatment are paid for; and
  • what a personal injury attorney in Orlando, FL can do for you in your claims.

Before You Make Another Move, Request a FREE Copy of My Car Accident Book

Request a free copy of my eBook,Your Complete Guide to Florida Auto Accident Claims,and learn more about your legal options to recover damages after a serious or fatal car accident.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Auto Accident Cases

After reading my book, if you still have questions or have decided you need legal help with a personal injury attorney in Orlando, FL, I offer free consultations to those who have suffered serious injuries in car accidents.

Call 407-422-4529 to schedule an appointment to discuss your case and how to get a settlement from a car accident, and to go over the contents of my car accident book and how it relates to your accident.

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