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How to Choose a Designated Driver and Prevent an Orlando Accident

April is Alcohol Awareness Month and at Auto Justice Attorney, we want to give you tips that will help you observe this important month and keep you safer on the roads.

Alcohol is frequently a factor in severe and fatal Orlando car accidents. When people drive while intoxicated, they put themselves and others at risk because of their negligent behavior. One way to mitigate this is to designate a driver who will remain sober and get everyone home safely.

Here are a few simple tips to create a safe ride home:

  • Decide who will drive before any alcohol is consumed –As alcohol is consumed, judgment worsens. Deciding on a designated driver before anyone has a drink is important so that the person who is responsible for making sure everyone gets home safely can monitor his intake from the start of the social gathering.
  • Switch up the designated driver in your group of friends –No one wants to be the designated driver every time. To be fair, it is a good idea to rotate the person designated to drive everyone home. This way, the designated driver is more likely to remain sober and get every person home safely.
  • Avoid peer pressure– Some studies have shown that peer pressure can have a negative impact on a group of people when it comes to selecting a designated driver. This can lead to rough housing and other types of distracted driving on the part of the designated driver, which could lead to an Orlando auto accident.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Auto Accident Cases

As an Orlando personal injury law firm, we hear too many stories of people who drive while under the influence alcohol, thus causing Orlando auto accidents. If you have been a victim of an accident with an intoxicated driver, you may need the help of an experienced Orlando auto accident attorney. Contact us at 407-422-4529 to learn more about how we can help you recover and get the settlement you deserve.

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