How to Prevent Car Crashes in Florida Road Construction Areas

If you spend any amount of time driving on Florida roads, you will sooner or later find yourself in a highway construction zone. With constant repairs being made and new projects getting under way, it’s unavoidable. Drivers face a different set of challenges in these work zones, and those challenges pose an increased risk for Orlando car accidents as a result of debris and unaware or confused drivers.

If you are driving through a work zone, there are four steps you can take to help prevent an accident from happening and do your part to keep everyone safer.

  • Slow down to the lower posted speed limit.Speed limits are reduced in work zones for a reason, and although you may feel as though you can maneuver through the traffic cones or other barriers safely and easily, you never know when a worker or a truck might enter your pathway, causing you to need to brake suddenly. That could lead to a rear-end collision or other type of crash if you or someone else is not able to stop in time.
  • Follow all construction signs.This seems obvious, but distracted drivers can easily miss a detour sign or other changes in traffic patterns. For this reason, it is even more important than usual that you remain completely free of distractions while driving in work areas. This might even mean turning off the stereo, so you can focus more intently on the road.
  • Be aware of the machinery around you.Drivers of construction vehicles might need to move into your lane of traffic or have difficulty maneuvering on the side of the road, where lanes can be narrower. Oftentimes it’s easier for you to see them than for them to see you, as they are trying to keep an eye on surrounding traffic and pay attention to the work they’re doing at the same time. Take notice of these vehicles and drive defensively.
  • Merge carefully.When the traffic detours end and the normal flow of traffic resumes, pay particularly close attention and merge carefully, rather than jumping quickly into another lane of traffic. Drivers may be disoriented or might not be paying close attention, so do whatever you can to help prevent a Florida car collision.

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