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Five Ways You Can Prevent Road Rage

How to Prevent a Orlando Road Rage Accident

Road rage is something that many drivers experience. From frustration at being cut off in traffic to anger at other distracted drivers, road rage is far from uncommon. But these emotions behind the wheel can be dangerous and letting them get out of control has been shown to lead to car crashes in Orlando. If you have suffered injuries due to a road rage accident then speak to our Orlando car accident lawyers today.

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, it is estimated that aggressive driving, which involves tailgating and other similar behaviors, leads to a third of all car accidents. When you drive angry and emotional as a result of something that another driver did, you become distracted and maybe even as erratic as the driver who upset you in the first place.

To help you prevent these situations and stay safe on the road, here are five tips to keep in mind when you start feeling angry at the wheel.

  1. Plan ahead—When you leave plenty of time to spare to get to your destination, you are less likely to get upset by other drivers on the road. Plan ahead so that you can give yourself a buffer and keep your nerves calm while you drive to your next appointment.
  2. Avoid driving when you are emotional—Some people jump in their car right after a fight with their spouse or best friend. This already-elevated level of stress can be amplified even more by another driver. Trying not to drive when you are already emotional can help avoid an accident as a result of road rage.
  3. Loosen up—If you feel yourself becoming tense, stop clenching the steering wheel so hard and take deep breaths to loosen your body. This will help send a signal to your brain that you should calm down.
  4. Don’t let the car be your buffer—You would not lose your cool face to face in a restaurant the same way you would in your vehicle. Don’t let the metal of your vehicle serve as a buffer between you and another driver. Instead, try to act as if you would if you were face to face to help remind yourself to react more sensibly.
  5. Practice being nice—Simple acts of kindness go a long way, especially on the road when everyone is in a hurry. Practice being nice, such as making it easier for someone to merge into your lane or waving a nice thank you when someone lets you in.

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