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How to Stay Safe From Orlando Motorcycle Accidents in Intersections

It seems as if every week we hear about another fatal Orlando motorcycle crash involving a car that turns left in front of a bike in an intersection. Intersections are inherently dangerous spots for any motorist. While it is rarely the fault of the riders when cars turn left in front of them, there are things that riders can do to protect themselves from this kind of collision, and help prevent Orlando motorcycle wrecks.

Here are three tips to remember as you approach intersections on your bike:

  1. Make yourself visible –Motorcycles are harder for cars to see, and some drivers even forget to be on the lookout for them because they are so used to seeing larger vehicles. Make yourself as visible as possible by turning on your headlight and wearing bright colors that will grab the attention of drivers.
  2. Approach the intersection from the right lanes –Sometimes, when other cars driving in your direction are waiting to turn left, it can be difficult to see who is approaching the intersection. Some drivers decide to take the risk and turn left even when they are unsure if the coast is clear. When riding on a multi-lane road, ride in the farthest right lane, making it is easier for a driver to see you from a distance.
  3. Slow down –You may be forced to come to a quick stop if a driver does turn left in front of you unexpectedly. When approaching a busy intersection, it’s a good idea to reduce your speed in case you need to make a sudden stop.

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