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How a Helmet Can Impact Your Motorcycle Accident Claim in Orlando

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You don’t like to think about it when you get on the back of a motorcycle. The thought of crashing is just too scary, especially when you consider your risk of injury. But the Florida state laws require that you wear a helmet in most situations to protect yourself, just in case something should go wrong. In Florida, the only instance where you are legally allowed to not wear a helmet is when you are over the age of 21 and have over $10,000 in personal injury medical coverage. Still, wearing a helmet is always encouraged.

If you are involved in an Orlando motorcycle crash, here are a few things you must know about how your helmet impacts your insurance claim.

  • No Injuries –If you did not sustain any injuries from the motorcycle crash in Orlando, you are considered very lucky. The helmet will have no bearing on the other aspects of your insurance claim.
  • Wearing a Helmet and Still Injured Head or Neck –If you were wearing a helmet and experienced head or neck injuries, your Orlando personal injury lawyer will help you to show that your injuries were not made worse because you did not wear a helmet. Instead, you will be able to show that you did everything you could to prevent these injuries by taking the necessary precautions.
  • Not Wearing a Helmet and Injured Head or Neck –If you were not wearing a helmet when the crash occurred and were not in violation of the Florida state helmet law, you may have a more difficult time recouping your medical costs from the other party responsible for the crash. This is also the case if your helmet flew off during the collision causing you to land without a helmet on. In this situation, you will want the help of an Orlando personal injury attorney.

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