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How to Avoid an Auto Accident With a ‘Snowbird’ During the Winter Months

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Every winter season, people flock like birds from the cold North to the warm South. These people are known as ‘snowbirds’ and are welcomed each year in Florida. While the community welcomes them with open arms, there are some concerns that go along with having more drivers on the roadways. With the influx of out-of-state drivers on city streets, car accidents in Orlando are not an uncommon sight.

Drivers want to take caution and avoid a car crash in Orlando with a snowbird whenever possible. But not all snowbirds are easy to identify. Here are three types of snowbirds that Florida residents should be aware of to help prevent a car accident.

  1. Distracted Drivers –The most common type of snowbird is a distracted one! Watch for drivers that are adjusting their GPS units, fidgeting with maps while behind the wheel, or driving at dangerously low speeds and not paying attention to where they are going to try to find their destination.
  2. Teen Drivers– Snowbirds are often times thought of as elderly people who are able to travel for extended periods of time in their retirement. However, these people tend to bring along family members for short portions of their trip. Many of these people are teen drivers exploring the area. Not only are these drivers inexperienced, but they are also new to the streets of Florida which increases their chances of causing a Florida car accident.
  3. Aggressive Drivers –If you see somebody from out of state driving too close to the person in front of them, or weaving in and out of traffic, you may want to steer clear to avoid a possible accident.

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