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Keep Kids Entertained and You Focused on the Road

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If you are a parent who drives your young ones, you know how stressful it can be. Or, perhaps you have younger siblings you are in charge of transporting. As you drive young ones, it seems as though there is always commotion going on in the backseat. There is always something needed, or they are forever bickering. The constant “Are we there yet?” question makes you want to turn the radio up louder.

Commotion in the backseat can cause you to become distracted and ultimately involved in a Florida car crash. Keeping the kids entertained is a good way to keep them quiet, allowing you to focus on the road. A few excellent electronics to keep the kids occupied are:

  • An iPod –iPods are now used by millions across the country. They are small, lightweight, and very entertaining. There are hundreds of applications that can be downloaded to keep kids playing for hours. The apps can be educational, entertaining, and lots of fun.
  • A Nintendo DS –Nintendo has been making great gaming products for many years now. The latest craze is the Nintendo 3DS. There are many fun games that will keep your child entertained for long periods of time.
  • A portable DVD Player –Most kids love to watch movies, and there’s a wide range of portable DVD players to choose from. Some are hand-held, while others are permanently installed in the ceiling of your automobile.

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