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Labor Day Safety Tips From Michael T. Gibson, P.A.

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We want to wish everyone in Central Florida a safe and relaxing Labor Day Weekend.

For those traveling for the holiday we would like to remind you to travel safe and stay alert for potential dangers you might see on the road.  below we have some safety tips compiled from the experienced legal team at Michael T. Gibson. If you have any other legal questions or are currently suffering from injuries due to an accident don’t hesitate to speak with skilled personal injury attorney.

Labor Day marks the end of summer and heavy travel is expected this year. Here are some safety tips to help keep you and your family safe over the holiday weekend:

Here are some additional safety tips and resources:

If You Need Help This Labor Day Weekend We Are Here

If you have been in an auto accident on the Central Florida roads this labor day weekend. Please do not hesitate to call us immediately at 407-422-4529 and speak with one of our Orlando Auto Accident Attorneys. We understand that this weekend was is supposed to be a relaxing time, but we are here to assist you in any way possible after an auto accident.

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