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Motorcycle Safety a Key Concern at Bike Week in Daytona Beach

Central Florida has seen an influx of bikers this week as Bike Week returns to the Sunshine State. The 10-day motorcycle rally which began on March 7th is expected to bring in 1.5 million visitors this year. Law enforcement and safety organizations are urging bikers and motorists to look out for one another while sharing the roadways.

There were 457 motorcycle fatalities in Florida in 2012, four of them happened during Bike Week. Motorists are urged to drive with extra caution to help make this year’s event safe. Officials are also reminding bikers to avoid drinking and riding. Statistics show that 30 percent of motorcycle fatalities are the result of alcohol. The NHTSA urges motorcycle riders to ride smart and sober.

Below are some safety tips for sharing the road with motorcyclists:

  • Be aware that motorcycles can easily disappear in your blind spot or be hidden behind objects such as signs, trees or other vehicles.
  • Allow a greater following distance. Motorcycles may not brake when slowing down, so you cannot depend on seeing brake lights like on vehicles.
  • Many motorcycle turn signals are not self cancelling, so do not assume that they are turning.
  • Stay alert to the motorcyclist’s movement in traffic. They may change their position in a lane to improve their visibility or avoid unsafe road conditions.
  • It may be difficult to judge a motorcycle’s speed and distance because of their size. To account for this, assume the motorcycle is closer than it appears when entering an intersection.
  • Wet surfaces or other road conditions may make it more difficult for motorcyclists to stop so allow for a greater following distance in bad weather, construction zones, etc.

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Have A Safe Bike Week

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