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Orlando Accident with Lumbar Spinal Fusion Results in a Significant Presuit Settlement

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A significant Orlando auto accident left a man needing to undergoe a lumbar fusion surgery. The case was complicated by the fact that this client had injured his lumbar spine before. He was honest about though, and the accident clearly worsened his condition. After several months of persistent follow up and negotiation, Attorney Flavia Marcus procured this good result. Flavia’s efforts on this case demonstrates how Michael T. Gibson, P.A., attempts to differientiate itself from other Personal Injury and Car Accident Law Firms. Most firms want to rush you into a lawsuit. Why? Simple – so they can charges you a 40% fee for their service. Statistics show that most accident victims do not end up going to trial, and those that do tend not to fair too well, regardless of their choice of lawyer. We thus do everything in our power to attempt to resolve your case without having to file a lawsuit. Of course if the insurance company isn’t at all reasonable, that may not be a possibility. Good results like this come from reasonable clients, who simply did what they had to in order to get better, and from a reasonable insurance company, who steps up and does the right thing. Good job Flavia!

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