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Orlando Motorcycle Accident Attorney Warns Riders of Tire Debris

Without the protection of four walls surrounding you (as motorists in cars have), motorcycle riders are at an increased risk of injury. Road debris is one of the biggest factors that can lead to an Orlando motorcycle accident. When debris comes at a motorcyclist quickly, such as a sudden tire blowout from a semi-truck or car, the result can be catastrophic.

Tire debris due to a blowout sprays across roadways in a matter of only seconds. This type of road debris is far more hazardous than typical debris seen in the roadway because it can be moving after coming loose from a vehicle or being hit by another vehicle. As a rider, when you see this debris coming in your direction, your instincts may cause you to:

  • Swerve into another lane or oncoming traffic
  • Lose control of the bike
  • Stop suddenly and get rear-ended by a car

Each of these events dramatically increases your risk for being involved in a motorcycle accident in Orlando. Although this scenario is not the most common for motorcycle crashes, it happens far more than many people realize. This type of scenario serves as a reminder for why riding distraction free is so critical.

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