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In another example of the relentless spending of taxpayer money on PIP and PIP issues, Miami-Dade County just passed it own PIP reform, in the form of an ordinance. The county ordinance will provide stringent registration and regulation for medical providers who have a certain percentage of income from PIP billings. The measure is designed as yet another method of anti-fraud and abuse regulation. You can read the complete ordinance at http://www.miamidade.gov/govaction/matter.asp?matter=120476&file=false&yearFolder=Y2012

While I am all for the eliminate of fraud, isn’t PIP, which is now for the most part a $2,500 insurance benefit, taking up an inordinate amount of taxpayer dollars and government time? Look in this ordinance, for example, how it creates a whole new government board that will oversee and inspect all clinics accepting PIP. My question is, at what point do we finally stand up and say this little insurance benefit simply is not worth it?

The answer should be sooner then later. In a time were every dollar spent by government is being heavily scrutinized, where is the outcry on this?

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My thoughts, PIP = too much cost, and too much regulation, for not enough benefit, for anyone.

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