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Equipment that can decrease the Risk of a Motorcycle Accident

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4 Pieces of Equipment

The state government has taken a stance on the equipment that motorcyclists must use whenever they operate their bike on Florida’s roads. The purpose of these requirements is to help improve riders’ safety. Not only does having the proper equipment help prevent motorcycle accidents in Florida, but it can also help motorcyclists avoid injury if there is an accident.

If you are a new motorcyclist in Florida and are wondering what the law requires of you, here are four pieces of equipment you must have in place before you take to the open road.

  • Eye protection.Obviously, when you’re riding a motorcycle, debris (or insects) can fly into your face more easily than when you’re in a vehicle. Wearing eye protection will keep your eyes safe and keep your line of vision clear so you can drive safely.
  • A helmet.In Florida, a helmet is required only in some circumstances. Anyone younger than 21 who rides a motorcycle—whether driver or passenger—must wear a helmet. Those who are older than 21 can opt not to wear a helmet, as long as they have a minimum of $10,000 in medical insurance coverage.
  • A mirror.All motorcycles driven on the road in this state must be equipped with at least one mirror. This is so that motorcyclists can be better aware of their surroundings and avoid cutting in front of a car.
  • A daytime headlight.Road-ready motorcycles must also be equipped with a working headlight that is to be turned on during the day whenever the bike is being driven on the road. This helps to make the motorcycle more visible to other motorists. Greater visibility can help prevent collisions.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Motorcycle Accident Cases

By using this equipment, you’re better protected whenever you venture out for a ride. No matter how many precautions you might take, though, an accident can still happen. If you’ve been injured in a collision, contact an Orlando motorcycle accident attorney at Auto Justice Attorney right away. We’ll make sure you know your rights and help you get the most from your claim.

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