Five Easy Ways to Stay Safe and Avoid a Motorcycle Crash in Florida

Riding a motorcycle is a thrill not easily replicated. However, there are inherent dangers associated with this fun and exciting mode of transportation. Safety is something that is important to remember and keep in mind on every ride.

Here are five frequently forgotten safety tips that may help you lower your risk of being involved in a Florida motorcycle crash.

  1. Avoid riding in the center lane of traffic– The center lane of traffic is where a large number of drivers make lane changes. You may not be seen by drivers who are in a hurry to get into another lane quickly, and you may become a victim of a Florida motorcycle crash.
  2. Try not to ride after rain– Riding after rainfall, even a light rainfall, can make the roads slippery. While they may look fairly dry, oils and debris are usually brought up during a rainfall, leaving the road more slick than it appears and especially dangerous for bikers.
  3. Stay away from construction whenever possible– Construction sites are inherently more dangerous because of the higher levels of activity happening in these zones. Even more dangerous is the debris that frequently makes it into the roadway from the sites. Avoiding these areas can help you avoid a motorcycle collision.
  4. Wear colors proudly– Many bikers are known for dressing in darker shades, but this can cause you to blend in too easily, making it harder for motorists to see you. Instead, wear bright colors and reflective gear to stay visible even during dusk and evening hours.
  5. Keep the lights on– Driving with your light on at night is a no-brainer, but during the day many riders turn their lights off, making them more difficult to see on the road. Keep your light on even during daylight hours to stay as visible as possible.

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