Statement from Orlando Auto Justice Attorney Michael T. Gibson Regarding the “Michael H. Gibson” Judicial Campaign

Our law firm has received numerous inquiries as to whether attorney Michael T. Gibson is running for County Judge. The signs posted throughout Orange County are for Michael H. Gibson, a criminal attorney, NOT Orlando Auto Justice Attorney Michael T. Gibson.

“While I am honored that so many have expressed support for me if I were to ever run, my focus is on my clients, my firm and my family, and I have no intentions of running for any public office in the immediate future. I apologize for any confusion that exists; however, these ads were displayed without my knowledge or consent. I do wish the candidate had used a middle initial so that the public could correctly identify him. That and the use of a color scheme similar to the one my firm uses is confusing, and it is my hope that the campaign will consider correcting the same to avoid any such confusion. I wish all of our local judicial candidates the best in their campaign,” said attorney Michael T. Gibson.

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