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Tailgating | A Leading Cause for Orlando Motorcycle Accidents

We work with a number of Orlando motorcycle accident victims. Each person who walks through our door that has been involved in a crash on a bike is left with devastating injuries, such as broken bones, road rash, and head trauma. A motorcycle accident in Orlando is not an experience any biker wants to be involved in. Knowing the top causes for why these collisions happen can help keep you safe.

One reason many motorcycle accidents happen is tailgating (both when a driver tailgates a motorcyclist and a motorcyclist tailgates a car). The results are usually tragic leaving the rider in a world of pain. Here are three reasons why these are so dangerous:

  • Shorter reaction time –A lot can go wrong while riding causing drivers and bikers to have to stop quickly. If this happens, there must be a safe distance between the person in front and in back of you. This is to account for the reaction time needed to brake before a collision occurs.
  • Less visibility –If a car is tailgating you while you are on your bike, the driver may not be able to see your brake light as clearly. This makes it hard for the vehicle driver to know when you are slowing down or stopping.
  • Reduced time to stop –Regardless of how well your taillight is visible, the distance a car has to come to a stop before hitting you is reduced, heightening the chances of a rear-end collision

Hire An Experienced Orlando Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

As a biker, it is a good idea to be proactive and get out of the way of drivers who tailgate. If a tailgating driver has hit you, it is important to have help from anOrlando motorcycle accident lawyer. Contact the top-notch team at Auto Justice Attorney to learn more about how we can guide your claim and get you a fair and just settlement.

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