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Take the Pledge! Use a Designated Texter

The topic of texting while driving has been thrust back into the spotlight following the release of State Farm’s 2013 Distracted Driving Survey. Among the notable findings is that the percentage of drivers who go online while behind the wheel has nearly doubled in the past five years. Now approximately 25 percent of drivers admit to surfing the web while driving, up from 13 percent five years ago.

More than 100,000 crashes per year are caused by a driver who is focused on their phone and not on the road. The Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority has launched a “designated texter” campaign to increase public awareness of the problem and reduce the number of distracted drivers on the roads. Designated texters are passengers who take control of the driver’s smartphone and deal with any texts that might come in while the driver is focused on the road.

Central Florida residents interested in taking the pledge can visit www.oocea.com/pledge. Expressway officials are urging those who register to submit their picture and a story explaining why they have taken the pledge.

Using a Designated Texter Can Reduce Auto Accidents

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