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he Dangers of Road Rage and Aggressive Driving in Central Florida

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According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 80 percent of drivers have reportedly experienced road rage or “aggressive driving.” Although it is a common occurrence, road rage can be dangerous not only to the driver but to other drivers, passengers and pedestrians on the road. In fact, the AAA reported that aggressive driving is a factor in more than half of all car accident fatalities.

Is road rage a problem in Florida?

AutoVantage conducts an annual Road Rage survey to compare road rage problems in cities across the country. In 2014, Orlando ranked 8th for the least courteous drivers in the country. It also tied with Atlanta and Seattle for 2nd place as the most likely drivers to switch lanes without signaling. In the same report, Miami ranked 7th in the country of having the least courteous drivers. Miami, FL drivers ranked most likely to honk at another driver and to have seen another driver run a red light.

Although road rage is a growing problem in Florida, there have been laws enacted in an attempt to remove aggressive drivers from the road. Florida statute 322.0261 states that any driver that is convicted of or plead no contest to a traffic offense that caused a crash, three times within 36 months, will be required to take a driver improvement course in order to maintain his or her driving privileges. This law was enacted to not only remove unsafe drivers from the road, but to educate drivers and instill safe driving practices.

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