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Friend or Foe: The Role of an Insurance Adjuster in Your Florida Car Accident Case

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Insurance Adjusters in Car Accident Case

When you have been in a car accident in Florida, you are overwhelmed, frightened, and confused. Your life has now been turned upside down in a matter of only seconds. You’re now faced with property damage issues and physical injuries that will cause you to lose wages from having to stay home from your job. For more information about car accident law speak to the Orlando car accident lawyers at Michael T. Gibson, P.A., Auto Justice Attorney.

One of the first people you will likely speak with will be an insurance adjuster. This person is in charge of trying to get you to accept a fast, and often times, low-ball settlement so the insurance company can save money, but still pay you what they are obligated to. Here’s how they typically come up with the amount they will offer you:

  • Try to get you to explore a settlement without attorneys– In many cases they will try to avoid giving you the opportunity to hire an attorney. This is because when you have an attorney involved, they often times end up having to pay out more money than without the help of legal representation.
  • Try to get you to admit some portion of fault in an accident– Speaking with an insurance adjuster immediately after an accident or without legal representation is widely discouraged. This is because they often try to get you to admit some of the responsibility, meaning you will have to pay for another person’s negligence. This lowers their bottom line and lowers the amount you will be able to receive in a settlement.
  • Try to save the insurance company money– Ultimately it is important to remember that an insurance adjuster is bias toward the insurance company. Their goal is to save their company money, and to do that they try to pay you less than what you deserve. This is unfair and can cost you money in a settlement.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Auto Accident Cases

As you start trying to figure out the bits and pieces of what happened and how you will manage your injuries and property damage, contact our Florida car accident attorneys for help. Our experienced and knowledgeable team at Michael T. Gibson, P.A., knows the tricks the insurance companies play. Call us today (407-422-4529) to set up a free, initial consultation to discuss your case.

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