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The Various Impacts on Pregnancy after a Florida Auto Accident

We see a fair number of pregnant women in our office who’ve been involved in a Florida car accident. Pregnancy is a fragile state, and even the slightest jolt can cause unseen damage to the mother and the baby. Car wrecks—even fender benders—can be enough to cause emotional and physical concern for expectant mothers. If you’ve been involved in an auto accident while pregnant, you may be affected in more ways than you will initially be aware of. You could experience any of the following:

  • Emotional distress.Pregnancy is already an emotionally charged experience. Adding an auto accident into the mix can stir up feelings of anxiety regarding your safety and the safety of your baby. To calm these fears, it’s a good idea to talk openly with friends and family about how you feel. By speaking about your fears, you will form a strong support system that can be there for you when anxiety hits and help calm your worries.
  • Minor physical distress.In some cases, car wrecks can result in physical distress to the mother and the unborn baby. Usually the distress is minor, but a doctor should always examine the mother-to-be after any accident. Even if the crash occurred at a low rate of speed, pregnant women should always get medical attention right away, to ensure that the baby has not sustained any injuries.
  • Severe physical distress.We have seen pregnant women who’ve experienced obvious physical injuries, particularly if they were involved in a high-velocity car crash. In such instances, it’s crucial for the woman to see a doctor on a regular basis after the accident to ensure that the pregnancy continues to progress normally and there are no long-term damages.

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