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Three Easy Ways to Lower Your Orlando Motorcycle Accident Insurance

Motorcyclists ride at an inherently higher risk than other motorists. Without the surrounding protection of the four walls of a car, bikers know that when they get on their motorcycles they are at risk of serious injury. Because of this elevated chance for serious injury, many insurance companies require motorcyclists to pay more for their insurance premiums.

We talk to many motorcyclists who have been in serious accidents. A major concern we hear time and again, is how a motorcycle crash can impact insurance premiums in Orlando. To help you avoid this worry, here are three things you can do to lower your monthly premium and still stay safe from high costs in case an Orlando motorcycle accident occurs

  1. Take a safety course– Not only will an extra safety course keep you safer on the roadways, but it will also show your insurance company that you are doing all you can to avoid a crash. This can help lower your monthly payments.
  2. Be a safe and defensive– Any safety violation can cause your insurance premium to rise. Avoid speeding or receiving a ticket of any kind that can be used against you to raise your monthly payment.
  3. Invest in better safety gear– Some insurance agents will give you a discount if you use extra safety gear to avoid injury. Talk to your insurance agent to find out if you are eligible.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Motorcycle Accident Cases

If you have been involved in an Orlando motorcycle accident, you may need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. The helpful and compassionate personal injury firm of Michael T. Gibson, P.A., can assist with navigating the daunting details of an accident case. We will also work diligently to help keep your insurance rates low. Contact us today (407-422-4529) to learn more.

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