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Three Reasons Seatbelts Save Lives in Florida Car Crashes

You have always been told to buckle up for safety, but do you really know what that seat belt is doing for you if you are in an auto accident in Florida? For many people, the click of a seat belt is done out of habit. For others, it is something that may be done on some car rides, but not all. When you understand the way that this simple piece of fabric across your chest can save your life, you are much more likely to put it on and stay protected against injuries or a fatality in the event of an Orlando car accident.

Our experienced Orlando car accident lawyers have compiled three of the top reasons why you should always remember to buckle up.

  1. Protect yourself from ejection– Being thrown from a car during a Florida car crash increases your risk of being permanently injured or even killed. When you wear your seat belt, you are held into place limiting the impact your body endures and keeping you from being ejected from the car.
  2. Air bags and seat belts complement each other– Some people have the false idea that if a car has air bags, they will be kept safe from ejection or from flying too far forward. However, air bags are designed to work in conjunction with a seat belt. In order to be as safe as possible during a car accident in Florida, you must have both pieces of safety equipment in place.
  3. Properly fitted safety belts can keep people of all shapes and sizes safe– Some people believe that wearing a seat belt can do more harm than good in the event of a crash. For example, pregnant women often times avoid wearing a seat belt for fear that the belt will crush their stomach in a crash. But when worn correctly, the seat belt provides top protection against injury.
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