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Three Tips for Driving With Your Dog and Avoiding a Florida Car Crash

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Florida dog lovers and pet owners are hard-pressed to leave their favorite four-legged friend behind on road trips to a friend’s house or to the convenience store. Besides, many dogs love the thrill of getting in a car and going for a ride, which makes it even more difficult for dog owners to turn down the puppy dog disappointment they face when they cannot take their favorite pet with them. While it is necessary and acceptable to have your dog in the car, there are certain things that pet owners must do to help keep themselves and their pets protected in case of a Florida car crash.

  • Use a harness and seatbelt to restrain your dog—If you are ever in a Florida car collision, your dog must be restrained to help prevent injury. Thinking of dogs in the same way as humans can help you to know how to properly harness your dog and put him in a seat belt so he is less likely to be injured.
  • Never let your dog in the front seat—Distracted driving in Florida is a major cause of accidents. Having a dog in the front seat with you while you drive can be a major distraction, especially if your dog wants to crawl onto your lap or into your seat. Always keep your dog in the back seat so she is safer and you are free of distraction.
  • Never leave your dog unattended in a hot car—Florida car accidents are not the only way dogs can get hurt in cars. Florida gets very hot and inside a vehicle the temperatures soar even higher. Leaving a dog in a car unattended even for only a short period of time can have devastating effects on your pet, such as organ failure and even death. Never leave your dog alone in a hot vehicle.

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