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Tips for Merging Safely Onto Highways and Avoiding Orlando Accidents

Highways can be a scary place to drive. Heavy traffic, speeding cars, and lots of big trucks can cause motorists to be nervous on the highways. Merging onto a highway can also be a stressful maneuver for the driver coming on to the highway and for the motorists trying to make room for the merging vehicle.

Here are tips to follow to help keep you safe from an Orlando auto accident while merging:

  1. Speed up –It’s not often you will hear an Orlando car accident attorney tell you to drive faster, but when it comes to merging, going the same speed as oncoming traffic is crucial to your safety. Speed up so that you can easily get into the lane you need to be in without slowing down traffic or causing others to brake, potentially causing a crash.
  2. Do not tailgate –While merging, it is equally important not to tailgate the car in front of you. By doing this, you risk a rear end collision if they slam on their brakes or slow down without you realizing it.
  3. Use your turn signal –Although it may seem obvious that you want to merge, using your turn signal makes you that much more visible to traffic. When you are more visible and make it very clear what your intentions are, you do your part to help prevent a collision.
  4. Find your spot –Once you find an opening where you can safely merge, do so. If you do not have a safe spot, you may need to slow down or speed up just a little bit to get to the safest spot for you to merge.
  5. Gradually make your way over –Sudden movements can scare other drivers and cause panic. This panic can lead to a crash. Gradually make your way to the lane you are merging to.

Merging does not have to be dangerous when all drivers follow the rules. Unfortunately, distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and inexperienced drivers sometimes do not follow traffic laws and accidents do happen.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Auto Accident Cases

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