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Top Three Intersections for Orlando Car Accidents

Intersections pose significant risks for Orlando automobile accidents. Cars drive in all directions, make turns, and drivers are expected to notice and obey all traffic signals. When a driver does not follow the rules as posted, or a mistake is made, an Orlando auto accident can result.

We understand the desire to want to stay as safe as possible while behind the wheel. One of the best ways to do this is to be aware of the potentially hazardous areas around town. By knowing which intersections leave drivers most prone to being involved in an auto accident, you can increase your awareness while passing through these more dangerous areas and help keep the roads a little bit safer.

According to statistics, the following are the intersections that yield the highest number of traffic accidents in Orange County:

  • State Highway 50 & State Highway 436
  • Orlando – Sand Lake Road & John Young Parkway
  • Winter Park – Goldenrod Road & University Boulevard

As an Orange County personal injury law firm, we believe in the importance of keeping the public informed on potentially dangerous areas. When you pass through one of these intersections, use extra care. These intersections can serve as a reminder for all other intersections of the importance of staying vigilant while in a higher risk area.

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