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How the Florida No-Fault Laws Could Impact Your Orlando Auto Accident Claim

When it comes to auto accidents, Florida has some unusual laws compared to the rest of the country. All drivers are required to carry Property Damage Liability (to ensure you can cover the cost of damages to another piece of property) and Personal Injury Protection (to cover your medical expenses in case of a crash).

Florida is also one of the few no-fault states, meaning insurance companies can charge smaller premiums for drivers who pose less of a risk based on their track record. One of the biggest benefits is the fast payout of settlements and ease of avoiding litigation to cover insurance claims. Although lower premiums and faster payouts sound ideal, there are some inherent problems many critics have with the model.

Here are some of the ways your Orlando accident claim could be impacted by the no fault laws in Florida:

  • Protects at-fault drivers from lawsuits –Drivers that cause car accidents in Orlando are better protected from having to pay out for extensive property damage and being sued for large bills. Instead, insurance companies make quick payouts to keep cases out of court. This could ultimately work in the favor of the negligent driver, leaving the victim to pay for the mistakes of others.
  • Potentially leads to more dangerous driving– A recent study done by the University of Pennsylvania found that drivers in no-fault states were more likely to practice unsafe behavior behind the wheel because they felt more protected. These behaviors included higher instances of drunk driving and speeding.
  • Corruption by the medical field to get more in compensation –Some people have found that doctors and medical teams increase the cost of medical bills to get the full $10,000 guaranteed under Florida’s PIP laws. Many cases of corruption each year lead to arrests for taking advantage of the system.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Auto Accident Cases

No-fault laws were created to reduce the amount of litigation needed. However, these laws cause some confusion and controversy. If you have been hurt in an accident, you may need the guidance of an experienced Orlando auto accident attorney. The knowledgeable team at Auto Justice Attorney can help you understand what these laws mean and how they impact your claim. Contact us today for a free consultation (407-422-4529).

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