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Florida Car Accident Small Claims Court: What You Should Expect

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After a car crash in Florida, you have a lot to focus on. In addition to seeking medical care for your injuries and having your damaged property repaired, you also have a battle to fight with the insurance companies to receive compensation for these costly and unexpected bills. While compensation is offered for car accidents in Florida that are the fault of another party, many times these settlements are not enough to pay for your entire bills. Compensation becomes even more complicated when neither party can decide who was at fault.

As you try to sort this out, your case may end up in small claims court to have a judge make the final ruling on who is responsible for what. Together with your Orlando car accident lawyer, you will appear before the judge and must present some items to show your reasoning. Here is what you can expect to present:

  • Witnesses –If there were any witnesses to the Orlando accident, you will want them to testify on your behalf to strengthen your case.
  • Police reports –The police report is the only non-biased document from the accident and therefore should be used as evidence.
  • Photos –If you have any photos from the scene of the accident, of the property damage to your car, of your injuries or anything else, these are often times requested as evidence.
  • Estimates –You will want to present exactly how much you have paid and can expect to pay for the damages and medical bills so that you can have an accurate reason for requesting the amount you have asked for.
  • Demand letter –A demand letter will be prepared with your Orange County personal injury law firm and is created as a way to ask for a settlement and give the judge your reasoning in written form.

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