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Orlando Accident Lawyer: Why Every Rider Should Wear a Helmet

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has made strong suggestions to all 50 states to adopt helmet laws that make wearing a helmet mandatory. While Florida does have a helmet law in place, riders are still able to opt out of wearing a helmet as long as they have enough personal injury insurance and they are over the age of 21.

In the past, the Highway Safety Act mandated that all riders must wear a helmet. Only a short time after that law was passed, many states repealed that law. This has left many people, including our Orlando personal injury lawyers, scratching their heads wondering why it would be such a bad idea to make helmet usage mandatory. Here are a few compelling arguments for why people should wear helmets:

  • Helmet usage reduces the risk of serious or traumatic brain injuries by 32%
  • Helmets lower the risk of fatality in the event of an Orlando car accident by 39%

Many people continue to argue against helmet usage, however. One argument has to do with age. A recent study by the University of Southern California showed that the majority of motorcycle accidents happened in younger, less experienced riders. For motorcyclists who have years of experience and want to enjoy their freedom on the back of a bike, many believe wearing a helmet should not be required.

This argument is what helped shape the Florida helmet law, making it legal for riders over the age of 21 to opt out of wearing their helmet. The middle ground on the helmet law makes it easier to appease both types of riders while still keeping younger riders safe.

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As Orlando motorcycle accident lawyers, we encourage every rider to wear a helmet on every ride. In an Orlando motorcycle accident, your helmet could save your life and prevent you from serious injury. If you have been hurt in an accident, regardless of whether you had your helmet on or not, contact us to learn more about your Orlando motorcycle accident claim.

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