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Bike Week Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Among all of the motor vehicles, motorcycles are the most vulnerable on the road. Motorcyclists are at an increased risk of injury because they lack the protection of seat-belts, airbags and the steel frame of a car. A motorcycle colliding with a vehicle is like hitting a steel wall, which can result in serious injury or even death. The following safety tips can help increase your chance of survival.

  • Watch for “No-Zones.” Avoid being in a truck’s blind spot or No-Zone. Trucks have large No-Zones on both sides, the front and behind the truck. Truck drivers cannot see you when you ride in these blind spots, increasing the chances of a crash. The front blind spot is particularly dangerous if you need to stop quickly. Motorcycles, because of their light weight and braking systems can stop much faster than a truck, so special precautions need to be taken to avoid a crash.
  • ALWAYS wear a helmet. Make sure you check for the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) standards on your helmet. Helmets are the most important piece of equipment you can wear while riding a motorcycle. This will be your only source of protection in a serious crash.
  • Drive to survive. Motorcycles are the smallest vehicles on the road and unfortunately provide virtually no protection in a crash. You must be aware of everything on the road, as drivers may not see your motorcycle.
  • Be extra cautious of signals and brake lights. Pay attention to other vehicles’ brake lights and signals on the road. Ride with caution and drive defensively.
  • Never share lanes. Even though motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles, you must adhere to the laws of the road. Never ride in between lanes of traffic or share a lane with another vehicle.
  • Avoid aggressive driving with other motorists. This will only increase your chance of a crash.
  • Inspect your bike. Perform a safety inspection on your motorcycle before each ride. Proper maintenance will help reduce your chance of a crash.
  • Make sure you wear protective clothing. In addition to your helmet, wearing protective clothing including gloves, boots and a jacket will reduce the risk of severe injury if you are involved in a crash.
  • Watch your speed. Motorcycles accelerate the fastest, while trucks and buses are the slowest. Watch your speed around these vehicles, particularly in bad weather or at night

Be Safe At Bike Week

Motorcyclists are at an increased risk of injury because they lack the protection of seat-belts, airbags and the steel frame of a car. They are also less likely to receive the proper compensation for their injuries. Settling a motorcycle injury claim can be difficult, even with legal help. At the Law Firm of Michael T. Gibson, P.A., we are experienced in handling motorcycle injury claims and are your first ally in the battle for compensation after a serious motorcycle accident. If you or a loved one have been involved in a motorcycle accident, it is important that you contact an experienced Orlando Motorcycle Accident Lawyer immediately. Our experienced team of accident attorneys can help you obtain compensation for medical bills, future medical treatment, loss of wages, pain and suffering, etc. Feel free to fill out our quick contact form on our website to discuss your legal options in greater detail.

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