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What Is the Minimum Compensation for Whiplash?

If you’re in a car accident and sustain a whiplash injury, you may wonder what the minimum amount you can recover is. Answer—there is no minimum compensation for whiplash. Many factors affect how much you might be able to recover in compensation from a whiplash accident. In each case, the amount of compensation you can […]

What Is Auto Negligence?

If a motor vehicle accident harmed you due to another’s fault, you could recover compensation for the expenses and harms you suffer, especially if you incurred debilitating or long-term injuries and the extensive medical bills that tend to come along with them. Unfortunately, obtaining compensation is not as easy as many people hope it to […]

What Does Contingency Fee Mean?

At one point or another, you’ve likely received legal advertisements from personal injury lawyers promising that they don’t collect compensation unless they successfully recover compensation on your behalf. For many individuals facing legal issues, this type of arrangement may seem like the perfect solution. Few people actually understand what these promises mean and this type […]

Information About Motorcycle Crash Guards and Their Materials

Motorcycle riders face hazards out on the road that the drivers of larger vehicles, including passenger vehicles, do not. Using appropriate safety gear can substantially decrease the risk of serious injuries in an accident. Motorcycle crash guards may not reduce your overall risk of an accident, but they can decrease the severity of the injuries […]

How to Claim Bodily Injury From an Accident?

Motor vehicle accidents can prove stressful and overwhelming, and they can leave your whole world turned upside down in an instant. Victims of this horrifying accident and their families often must deal with devastating injuries, debilitating pain, and extensive medical bills. Even worse, many times these victims don’t know how to pursue compensation following their […]

The Elements of Wrongful Death

The sudden passing of a loved one because of another person’s carelessness, wrongful actions, or negligence can be a horrifying ordeal for any person or family. They not only lose an integral person in their lives, but are often left without a source of income, companionship, and other support. In many cases, family members of […]

Can I Get a Settlement for a Car Accident Without a Lawyer?

Going it alone to get a settlement for your car accident, you’re likely to run into some problems. While you might get a settlement without a lawyer, you will probably get a lot less than what you wanted, and far less than what you need to cover your expenses and impacts. And while determining how […]

Can I Sue for Emotional Distress After an Accident?

The aftermath of a car accident can cause injuries to your health. Most people focus on the physical injuries and recovery after a car accident, but many car accident victims suffer debilitating impacts to their mental and emotional health after an accident as well. While many people understand the process to recover from losses associated […]

What You Need to Know About the Moped Laws in Florida

Mopeds have grown in popularity over the years, especially for younger motorists. They’re cheaper to operate than most cars and work just as well to get you where you need to go on short trips. Mopeds also sip fuel, which especially helps with their affordability in areas of the Sunshine State that face chronically high […]

What Happens if Someone Breaks a Traffic Law and Injures You?

Traffic laws exist to keep everyone on the road safe from accidents and injuries. Without a doubt, they help achieve that goal. The rules of the road serve as a set of guidelines for drivers to follow to keep themselves and their passengers accident-and-injury-free. In addition, the threat of getting a ticket, points on a […]

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