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The Fallout of Inadequate Training for Truckers

Failure to Train Drivers Has Consequences We regularly receive deliveries of medications, food, fuel, and other essentials by dedicated truck drivers. Without them, our economy will come to a standstill, and we can’t meet the most basic needs of our families. The pressures of this job, the traditionally lower wages, and lousy working conditions have […]

Do Insurance Companies Pay Pain and Suffering

After an accident, whether a slip and fall, motor vehicle crash, or another injury-causing incident, you may wonder what damages you are eligible for through an insurance claim. You may expect some damages, such as medical expenses and property damage, once an insurance company accepts liability for your losses. Damages for pain and suffering are […]

Can You Get a Concussion Without Hitting Your Head?

A concussion—often referred to as a “mild” traumatic brain injury—is a common injury to suffer, particularly in car accidents. Many people believe that the only way to suffer a concussion is to hit one’s head and are, therefore, surprised to find out that they suffered a concussion in a car accident when they do not […]

Can Motorcycles Be Safe?

Riding down the freeway on a motorcycle bears little similarity to driving that same stretch in a car. No matter how you spin it, motorcyclists always face a higher risk of sustaining an injury while out on the road. Unlike the occupants of large cars and trucks, cyclists do not have a strong outer shell […]

What Is a Good Settlement Offer?

Most legal cases wind up in court on television and in the movies. In reality, however, most personal injury claims will resolve through settlements before they see the inside of a courtroom. While a settlement agreement may bring many benefits, you need to ensure that it will cover not only the past expenses and impacts […]

​What Are the Odds of Surviving a Motorcycle Accident?

It is no secret that your risk of getting hurt while riding a motorcycle is higher than your risk of injury in a crash while driving a car. But how much more? Most people don’t know. Motorcyclists have inherently far less protection than the occupants of other motor vehicles. Vehicle occupants will have seatbelts and […]

​Too Tired to Drive? DON’T​

5 Signs You’re Too Tired to Drive Studies have shown that driving while tired is more dangerous than driving intoxicated. When you are tired, your reflexes are down, and you cannot respond as quickly as necessary to prevent a Florida car accident. When this happens, being behind the wheel is unsafe. But knowing if you […]

​Receiving a Settlement After Suffering a Herniated Disk in a Car Accident: What to Expect

One injury that may stem from a car accident is a herniated disk. A herniated disk or a bulging disk involves damage to one of the rubbery cushions between spinal vertebrae. These injuries are common in car accidents. A herniated disk can cause numbness, tingling, and pain that goes down the back and legs, worsening […]

​How Much Does a Motorcycle Crash Cost?

As an experienced motorcycle rider, you know how much money it costs to buy and maintain a bike in safe working condition. Perhaps you spent months or more saving up for your first or newest motorcycle. You might have also budgeted for the costs of purchasing the gear you need, such as a helmet and […]

​How Much Does a Lawyer Cost for a Car Accident?

After the first shock of a car accident, most people start to worry about whether they can work, how to pay their everyday expenses, and how to pay their enormous medical bills. Once they realize they need legal advice and protection, they may worry about how to pay an attorney. Unless they have had experience […]

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