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Know Your Rights Regarding Auto Defects, Repairs and Lawsuits

Auto Repair Defect and Repair Laws For Orlando Drivers Even with the greatest of care, our vehicles are not built to last forever. Vehicle defects, repairs and manufacturer recalls can arise. Being aware of your car’s condition and regularly checking for recalls on your vehicle is important. According to Carfax, more than 3 million vehicles […]

What Happens in a Tow Truck Accident?

With different vehicles traveling on the roadways at any given time, many types of accidents can happen. Large trucks such as tow trucks can cause severe damage and injuries to drivers and passengers of other vehicles when a tow truck accident occurs. Negligent tow trucks and their drivers can raise the risk of injuries to […]

The Danger of Bald Tires

You know you must change your oil regularly, but how often are you checking your tires? The tires on a car serve as one of the most important safety features. Yet many drivers do not realize the importance of ensuring that their tires are safe enough to drive on. Your tires should be adequately filled […]

The Dangers Involved in a Car Accident with a Young Driver`

Teens often cannot wait to experience the freedom that comes with a driver’s license. They look forward to going where they want when they want. In many cases, they also take more chances out on the road. Inexperienced drivers can pose a much higher overall accident risk on the road. They often lack the skills […]

How Much Do Lawyers Get in a Settlement?

Some injured victims worry about how much money lawyers get in a settlement and let it keep them from hiring an attorney to help them recover damages after falling victim to negligence. Be sure attorneys get paid for the job they do, which often results in a better outcome than if someone chooses to go […]

How to Stop Road Rage and Help Prevent an Orlando Motorcycle Accident

A recent study was published in the magazine Accident Analysis and Prevention that showed almost half of traffic accidents are caused by some amount of road rage. Anger while riding a bike can be very dangerous to a motorcyclist. Road rage causes people to drive irrationally. To stay protected against an Orlando motorcycle accident, here […]

How to Find the Best Car Accident Lawyers Near Me

If you’ve recently suffered injuries in a car accident, you have the right to seek damages from another driver or other party if they caused the accident that led to your injuries. Dealing with insurance companies is, at the very least, frustrating for many car accident victims, who need to focus on healing instead of […]

Information About Motorcycle Crash Guards and Their Materials

Motorcycles, by their nature, are far less crashworthy than other motor vehicles and do not provide much protection from devastating injuries in the event of a collision. Due to this lack of safety features, over 5,000 motorcyclists die in a crash every year, and these motorcyclists are almost 29 times more likely than car passengers […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Hit and Runs

Hit-and-run accidents take a heavy toll on their victims. In addition to the serious injuries they can cause, hit-and-run crashes saddle victims with confusion and uncertainty about who to blame and how to recover damages. Below you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions our firm receives about hit-and-run accidents and what victims can do to […]

Recovering Damages After an Airbag Deployment Concussion

People associate concussions with traffic accidents and other events that cause them to bump their heads or for something to hit their heads. Yet, sometimes concussions occur for less obvious reasons. Airbag deployment after a negligent driver causes a car accident can lead to a concussion. Even worse, some accident victims might not realize they […]

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