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Too Tired to Drive? DON’T

5 Signs You’re Too Tired to Drive

Studies have shown that driving while fatigued can be more dangerous than driving while intoxicated. When you are tired, your reflexes are down and you are unable to respond as quickly as you may need to in order to prevent a Florida car accident. When this happens, being behind the wheel is unsafe. Learn more from an Experienced Orlando car accident lawyer at Michael T. Gibson, P.A., Auto Justice Attorney.

But knowing if you are too tired to drive is not always as clear cut and straight forward as it may seem. Here are five ways to know if you are too tired to be behind the wheel and may be putting others around you at risk of a car crash in Florida.

  1. You find yourself zoning out– If you suddenly realize that you cannot remember the scenery or road signs you just passed, you are not paying close enough attention to the road and other cars around you to drive defensively.
  2. You get irritated quickly with other drivers –Irritation is a common sign of fatigue. If you have a short fuse with the drivers around you, you may not be well suited to be behind the wheel.
  3. You are yawning frequently –Your body yawns as you become more tired. The more you yawn, the bigger a sign it is that you may be too tired to be driving.
  4. You are swerving slightly in your own lane –Slight swerving is a dangerous sign that you are not able to see straight enough, likely due to tired eyes. Even if you are swerving within your own lane, you are still sending confusing signals to other drivers and at risk of swerving into other lanes without realizing it, quickly leading to a Florida car crash.
  5. You find your eyes shutting for a few seconds (or more) –Your eyes are heavy and when you find that you have kept them closed for more than the average time of a quick blink, you are too fatigued to drive. This is an important sign that you should pull over.

Hire an Experienced Orlando Auto Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a car accident in Florida as a result of being fatigued or with a driver who was too tired to be driving, you may have a complicated case. Contact our Orlando auto accident attorneys for help working with the insurance companies to come to a fair and just settlement.

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