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Five Things You Should Never Say When Dealing with an Insurance Adjuster

What Not to Say To Insurance Adjuster

An attorney can be a big help when dealing with an insurance adjuster after an accident. As an Orlando personal injury attorney I work with insurance adjusters on a daily basis. They’re usually nice people, but at the end of the day they’re still under orders from the insurance company.

Insurance adjusters have set rules they have to follow to process your car insurance claim. Their job is to settle your case with as little hassle and payment as possible. They have to protect their company’s bottom line, after all.

Five Things Not to Say When Dealing with an Insurance Adjuster

Whether your adjuster came straight out to the accident scene or you are on a phone conference days later, you need to be on guard when giving information. It’s best to let an Orlando insurance claim attorney like me take care of dealing with the insurance adjusters, but if you are going through the process you should beware these five scenarios. For more information on how to deal with an insurance adjuster speak with the experienced Orlando car accident attorneys at the Michael T. Gibson.

Don’t admit you were at fault. Admitting fault in an insurance claim is basically telling the insurance company that your injuries can be attributed to your own negligence. The adjuster may be able to use this admission as a reason to deny your claim.

Don’t agree to sign a medical release.When they ask you to sign a form to allow access to your medical records you should be very careful. Allowing access to your entire medical history may allow adjusters to find old injuries or conditions that they may claim are causing your current suffering rather than the accident.

Don’t say you’ll take the first settlement offer.The initial settlement offer is often the bare minimum. Adjusters may offer low initial settlements hoping you’re desperate enough for compensation that you’ll take any offer. As I tell my clients, you have a right to full and fair compensation and you can fight for it.

Don’t say you’ll give a recorded statement without talking to an attorney.I’ve heard the kinds of misleading questions asked of clients dealing with insurance adjusters. They may try to get you to admit your injuries weren’t that serious, or you were more responsible for the accident than the other driver. Working with an accident attorney can help you better prepare for giving a statement.

Don’t badmouth the other party at fault.Ranting and raving about “the jerk that caused my car accident” isn’t going to do you any good. Getting heated about the accident may cause you to slip up and say something you didn’t mean to say and that could ruin your case.

Stay Calm, Stick to the Facts: An Orlando Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

When you’re talking to the insurance adjusters the best advice I can give is to remain calm and stick to pure facts. If you find yourself answering their questions with “I think” you need to stop and rephrase to include only factual information.
Dealing with an insurance claim and the insurance adjuster is frustrating on your own, which is why I became an Orlando car accident lawyer. A lawyer such as myself can assist injured drivers who are in the process of dealing with an insurance adjuster.

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