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Orlando Car Accident Attorney | The Danger of Bald Tires

You know you must change your oil regularly, but how often are you checking your tires? The tires on a car serve as one of the most important safety features. Yet many drivers do not realize the importance of ensuring that their tires are safe enough to drive on.

Your tires should be adequately filled with air. In many cars now, a tire pressure light will come on to warn you if your air pressure is low. It is important to top up your tire pressure when this light comes on.

Perhaps more important is the tread on your tires. As your tires age, the tread begins to thin out causing your car to lose traction and become a safety hazard. Here are three risks you take while driving on bald tires.

  1. Heat build up –The roads in Orlando get very hot, especially in the summer. If you drive on tires with very low tread, the amount of heat that hits the tires increases. This can lead to significant tire damage and ultimately put you at risk of an Orlando accident.
  2. Easier punctures –The tire tread helps protect your tires from being punctured by debris in the road, such as nails or sharp objects. When your tread is low, you increase the risk of puncturing your tire.
  3. Hydroplaning –In Orlando, rain is not an uncommon occurrence. The tires on your car use tread to grip the road better allowing you to stay safe and avoid an Orlando car accident. When your tires cannot grip the road, you may hydroplane and crash.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Auto Accident Cases

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