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Tips for Reducing Car Accidents in Florida

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Florida has always been considered a dangerous place to drive, especially in specific counties in the Sunshine State. It is estimated that more than 200,000 accidents are reported every year in Florida. When it comes to pedestrian accidents, Florida has the third-highest percentage of accidents reported. With numbers this high, it leads one to ask: what can be done to reduce the number of car accidents in Florida?

Driver Education

Safety must start from the very beginning. A lot can be done when it comes to educating drivers on driving safety – and the best advice is to start early. For young drivers, programs like Graduated Drivers Licensing can help new drivers get experience while learning the rules of the road. This education from the very beginning can go a long way in reducing auto accidents.

Florida is unique in that the great majority of drivers on the road come from other states. After all, Florida’s economy depends heavily on tourism, and most of these drivers are not educated on Florida traffic laws and traffic patterns.  The dangerous road conditions on I-4 have been a growing cause for concern for locals and an unexpected risk for tourists visiting the Central Florida area.

Reducing Speed Limits

One of the main causes of car accidents, including those involving pedestrians, is speeding. Not only is it important that the speed limits be enforced statewide, but it is also important that these speed limits are appropriate for the specific road they are on. Local authorities are encouraged to regularly review the speed limits in different areas to ensure that they are still appropriate and safe given each road’s current conditions.

Proper Vehicle Maintenance

Roads can be kept safe if the cars on them are also maintained in a safe and appropriate condition. Car owners are recommended to keep their cars in safe condition, including inspecting them regularly. There are six routine vehicle safety checks you can do to help prevent car accidents. Many of the newer models come equipped with a series of safety features that make it even easier to keep cars running smoothly on the road. Cars that are not maintained are more likely to malfunction while on the road, resulting in an accident.

Reducing Drunk Driving Accidents

Getting into a car accident is a scary experience. This experience intensifies when a drunk driver is the negligent driver who hits you.  One reason why drunk driving accidents are so dangerous is because of the slow reaction time of the intoxicated driver. When a driver has a longer response time, they are unable to slow down as quickly, often leading to worse damages and injuries because of the higher rate of speed they were driving.

Drunk driving laws are there for a reason, so it is important that these be enforced and that drivers use ridesharing services or have a designated driver ready for these types of situations.

Be Aware of Weather Conditions

Weather can also play a factor in whether it is safe to drive. Florida is a state that is known for some unpredictable weather conditions, so it is important to know how to handle these conditions when they happen. Given the fact that many drivers come to our state without any familiarity to some of these weather conditions, this, too, can spell a recipe for disaster. These drivers may not know how to handle a certain weather condition that strikes out of nowhere, such as heavy, downpours of rain.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that the first ten minutes after a rain fall is the most dangerous. When rain first begins to fall, it mixes with oil and grease on the pavement, creating a dangerously slick driving surface. Thousands of accidents occur each year in Florida due to rainy conditions on the roads.

No Distracted Driving

All states have some form of distracted driving laws in their books, including Florida. The State of Florida ranks second to Louisiana as the worst state for distracted driving. Despite this fact, Florida is also one of the most lenient states when it comes to cracking down on distracted driving. Florida is only one of five states in the nation that does not allow police to pull over a driver for only texting and driving. Texting while driving is a secondary offense in the State of Florida.  New legislation banning texting while driving in Florida is being considered in 2019.

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