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Tips for Talking to the Police after a Car Accident

What you say to the police after a car accident can be just as important to an insurance claim as dealing with the insurance adjusters. Talking to the police is important to present information about the accident, which can help the officer generate a police report after an accident.

This can become a key piece of evidence in your claim which an accident and injury attorney in Orlando can help present in your claim.

The Orlando Police Department, Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and/or Florida Highway Patrol may respond to a car accident, and you need to be prepared to talk to the officer regarding the accident and any injuries. Tell the officers if you need medical attention.

The first thing to remember is to remain calm and stick to just the facts. Getting angry and badmouthing the other driver may only make you look bad and could make you say something you’ll regret later.

Tell the officer exactly what you were doing prior to and during the accident; don’t speculate on what you think the other party was doing but offer your take on what you saw, if you saw anything.

If they ask about your injuries, be truthful. Tell them how your body reacted, even if it doesn’t hurt yet. If an ambulance is brought to the scene, allow them to give you a general exam to catch any obvious signs of injury and establish a baseline for your condition at the scene. If you do not go to the hospital right away, see a doctor shortly after the accident.

Let the Police Lead the Investigation after a Car Accident

The police are there to help minimize damage, sort out the situation, and file the appropriate accident report. Let them make the determination of to whom to issue traffic citations and what to report on the paperwork. It’s best to comply with everything they ask, but not to say too much beyond the facts of which you’re sure.

The police report after an accident is just one of several pieces of evidence to which you may refer when filing a car accident claim after suffering serious injuries and damages. An accident and injury attorney in Orlando such as myself can be helpful when pursuing compensation for damages after a car accident.

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