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Things You Need to Know About Road Rage in Florida

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Road Rage in Florida

Even when we try our best to avoid road rage and aggressive drivers, they seem to find us. You might drive safely and defensively, but you still cannot control other drivers’ emotions, reactions, and decisions.

Impatience is a natural feeling under many circumstances, especially when a driver runs late and gets stuck behind a car going under the speed limit. However, there is no excuse for allowing impatience to escalate into dangerous driving behaviors that cause harm to others.

Many drivers admit to engaging in road rage and might even cause intentional injuries. These drivers who failed to maintain emotional control and drive within the law should be liable for the losses of anyone injured in a crash.

Below is some information about road rage and how it leads to accidents. If you suffer injuries from an aggressive driver, consult with a Florida car accident lawyer in your area immediately. The right lawyer can help protect your rights to total compensation from the unlawful driver.

What are the signs another driver has road rage?

Road rage comes in various forms and can involve many different dangerous behaviors.

Road raging drivers might:

  • Speed
  • Tailgate
  • Yell at other drivers
  • Gesture at other drivers
  • Race with other drivers
  • Weave in and out of lanes
  • Honk the horn at other drivers
  • Suddenly brake
  • Leer or stare at other drivers
  • Fail to follow traffic laws and signs
  • Flash bright lights at other drivers

In some particularly frightening situations, a road raging driver will purposely ram your vehicle or run you off the road. Some people have had road ragers follow them off the highway or into parking lots to continue the altercation.

Road rage can result in serious injuries from crashes and physical violence from angry individuals.

What causes Florida road rage?

Other drivers in our path are the most common cause of road rage in Florida. Many drivers become angry if they notice another driver using their cell phone or failing to signal properly. One of the most common causes of road rage is when a driver cuts off another driver.

Many drivers also become easily frustrated with other drivers if they run late for work or another important engagement. However, studies have determined that a mental health disorder, known as Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED), may be to blame.

Who is most likely to experience road rage?

Studies show that young males under 19 are the most likely drivers to experience road rage. However, anyone of any age or gender can lose their tempers behind the wheel and engage in aggressive driving.

Is road rage dangerous?

Yes, road rage and aggressive driving cause more than half of all car accident fatalities. Reducing aggressive driving also reduces preventable car related injuries and deaths.

How big of a problem is road rage in Florida?

According to AutoVantage’s Road Rage Survey, Orlando and Miami were among the top ten cities in the country with the least courteous drivers in a recent year.

How can I avoid road rage?

One of the best ways to avoid becoming agitated while driving is to allow yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. Road rage often occurs because a driver is already dealing with stress- whether in their personal life or when running late. Get plenty of rest the night before driving a long distance.

Can road rage lead to physical violence?

Yes, road rage has often initiated physical fights between drivers, and in many cases, it has led to shootings. Over seven years, 218 murders and 12,610 injuries were the results of road rage, according to Safe Motorist.

Are there laws protecting Florida drivers against road rage?

Although no laws directly deal with road rage, Florida did enact a law stating that any driver who receives a conviction of or pleads no contest to a traffic offense that caused a crash three times within 36 months must take a driver improvement course to maintain their driving privileges. This law, Florida Statute 322.0261, may punish some aggressive drivers.

While road rage itself is not an offense, many behaviors that stem from road rage are unlawful. Officers might issue citations or even arrest drivers for following too closely, speeding, racing, improper lane changes, failure to yield, and more.

When a driver faces a citation or criminal charge for traffic violations leading to an accident, your attorney can use the criminal case as evidence in your civil injury claim. This makes it easier to prove liability, so your attorney can focus on proving your damages.

What Damages Can You Recover from an Aggressive Driver?

When you file an injury claim against an aggressive driver, what will they have to pay for? You can seek the same damages as in any car accident case, and your attorney will advise you on what damages are available in your situation.

You can seek compensation for:

  • Bills for all of your medical treatment
  • The estimated costs of future medical treatment you will need
  • Lost wages and future lost earnings if you can no longer work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental trauma
  • Permanent injuries and disabilities

Particularly egregious driver actions, such as intentionally crashing into your car or running you into a barrier, a court might award punitive damages in addition to your compensatory damages.

Do You Have Questions About a Road Rage Accident in Florida?​Things You Need to Know About Road Rage in Florida

Please contact a Florida car accident attorney if you have additional questions or concerns. Legal representation is the first thing you can do to obtain the best outcome for your case.

Road rage is difficult to deal with you do not want to worry about your legal claim. Put your case in the hands of a trusted car accident lawyer immediately. The right lawyer can hold an aggressive driver liable for your injuries and losses.

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