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4 Important Components of Your Car and How to Drive Safe

This month I would like to talk about tires. These 4 round components are all that is between your car and the road. They have to be able to carry the weight of the car or truck plus the load put into the vehicle. These 4 patches of rubber must also be able to whisk water away to stay in contact with the surface of the road to let you maintain control for stopping and turning. It’s safe to say that your tires are the most important part of your car.

Most of us don’t really pay too much attention to our tires. The industry in recent years has advertised to “check your air in your tires,” and that is a start in the right direction. Keep in mind if you have a low tire, then you probably have a leak. If you happen to run a tire flat, or really low, please have someone un-mount it and look to make sure it is repairable. Plugging a tire is not really a good idea. Tires that are old may look good, but age is a factor in considering when you should replace them. Tires have a date code on them. The rule of thumb is to replace if 7 years have passed since the tire was made. The date code is stamped into the tire and may read like this – “22010”. This would equate to February 20, 2010. Look at the sidewalls of your tires. If you can see cracks or weathering, replacement is the answer.

Sometimes tires can separate and give you a funny feeling, like an oscillation in the steering wheel. This is due to the tire starting to come apart from the inside. Tires can become damaged from curbs, potholes and debris. Please, if you notice a difference in the way your car feels, have a tire shop or garage look at this right away.

The other tire knowledge to be aware of is load rating, speed rating and tread type. I say to be “aware of” because most of the public will need a tire pro to help with these choices. They deal mostly with the type of vehicle the tires are going on and how you drive.

So once again, I stress to find a pro to help you in these matters. This will help you understand why a certain set of tires cost a different amount compared to other types. Information will help you make the right and best choice for your safety.

I hope this will help you with becoming more aware of how important your tires are and how big of a job your tires do for you.

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About the author – Tim Gibson is an ASE master tech with 40 years experience. He owns and operates a garage and service center in Tarpon Springs, FL. And one other thing, his eldest son is Michael T Gibson, your attorney! (Who has messed up a few tires in his day, he he!).

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