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Tips for Preventing a Florida Motorcycle Accident During Wet Weather

Motorcycle lovers flock to Florida for the beautiful sunny days and great riding along scenic routes. But as warm and tropical as Florida can be, there are some days where the weather is wet and then sunny, leaving roads slick and increasing bikers’ risk of a Florida motorcycle accident. For these days, motorcyclists are advised to use extreme caution.

Here are some of the top safety tips bikers can follow when riding in wet weather to help prevent a motorcycle accident in Florida streets.

  • Braking – When the roads are slick, tires are not able to grip as easily to the ground. To help your bike stop safely, brake slower than you normally would to give the tires and brakes time to gradually stop instead of risking sliding off the road or causing a Florida motorcycle crash.
  • Accelerating – Similar to braking, accelerating on wet streets should also be done gradually. This will prevent the tires from spinning out of control and leave you safer as you ride.
  • Watch for Side Winds – Wet weather typically arrives with a storm, and with that comes wind. Side winds on roads can be extremely dangerous for riders. Be ready to change your route if necessary to avoid these winds. You should also take caution when passing large vehicles or riding over bridges.
  • Avoid Puddles – On a motorcycle this is especially important, as puddles can be deeper than they appear and quickly send you flying off your bike and into the street. Avoid puddles as best you can to prevent a Florida motorcycle crash.

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